About Us

Since 2017, EarthRanger has helped protected area managers make informed, conservation-related operational decisions. It is also used by ecologists and biologists to study wildlife and habitats, and to advocate for their protection.
Developed by Vulcan Inc. in partnership with many conservation and technology partners, it is a software solution that combines real-time data from ranger patrols, remote imaging and many, various sensors. As of September 2021, EarthRanger is part of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2). This move combines world-class research, engineering, product resources and talent to create greater positive impact, as envisioned by the late Paul G. Allen.
Bridging the data gap in wildlife conservation
Wildlife advocates and protected area managers are challenged to monitor vast expanses of land and protect assets with limited resources, making the task of preventing poaching and human wildlife conflict extremely difficult.

EarthRanger is part of Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence’s (AI2) portfolio with a mission to serve AI for the common good. Developed in response to the Great Elephant Census, which revealed a stark decline in elephant population across the African Savana due to poaching activity. The dedicated conservation and technology team at EarthRanger worked with government officials, park managers, rangers and other NGO field personnel to deliver a tool that would meet their needs in protecting wildlife and advancing conservation knowledge.

Great Elephant Census map
Elephant population trends in GEC landscapes over the past ten years
Great Elephant Census survey
The Great Elephant Census was designed to provide accurate and up-to-date data about the number and distribution of African elephants by using standardized aerial surveys of tens of hundreds of thousands of square miles.
The 2016 results from the Great Elephant Census found a 30% decline in savanna elephant population in seven years.
Believing data to be critical to building and promoting programs that bring lasting positive impact, AI2 has solutions such as EarthRanger that help front line practitioners perform their work with current and relevant information.

As protected areas deployed EarthRanger in their territories, an unexpected benefit emerged. A community of users is now sharing best practices and innovative concepts engaging EarthRanger as it extends beyond just elephant protection to a diversity of wildlife, ecological and community applications.