Real-time data visualization and analysis software for Protected Area Management
What is EarthRanger?
Vulcan EarthRanger™ is a software platform that collects information on activity in a protected area—the animals and assets being protected, the rangers protecting them, and threats or potential poaching—into a single, integrated, real-time visualized operational platform. With EarthRanger, Protected Area Management can more quickly analyze and proactively interdict poaching activity.

EarthRanger data comes from:
  • Radio systems with data transmission and GPS-tracking capabilities
  • Animal collars
  • Ranger recorded observations directly into DAS or from SMART Connect
  • Informant information
  • Spatial data
  • Sensor data from camera traps
  • Vehicle sensors
  • Drones and remote sensing images from satellites

Features & Benefits

Real time visualization that enables proactive management of potential poaching activity

  • 20+ sensors integrated and growing
  • Cloud hosted software for faster response and support capabilities—no local installations or on-the–ground IT staff required

Analysis tools allow evidence-based decision making to deter illegal activity, including poaching

  • Heat maps to identify and visualize security incident trends
  • Time Slider to playback animal, ranger and asset locations to investigate incidents further

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[EarthRanger] provides us with relevant field information that helps us to make strategic, technical law enforcement decisions in our park.
— African Parks Network Project Manager
Liwonde National Park, Malawi

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