Data visualization and analysis software for Protected Area Management

EarthRanger is a real-time software solution that aids protected area managers, ecologists, and wildlife biologists in making more informed operational decisions for wildlife conservation. Our solution collects, integrates and displays all historical and real-time data available from a protected area—including wildlife, ranger patrols, spatial data, and observed threats.
"Incredibly effective software... Easy to use, all in one system revolutionizing the way we manage the park."

— Director of Security
Liwonde National Park, Malawi

EarthRanger is a powerful protected area management solution for:
Force multiplier for security operations with a visualization capability that allows managers to gain a real-time, in-depth understanding of activities related to poaching and other threats.
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Ecological Management
Ecological Management
Monitoring natural habitats—including wildlife, forests, and other landscapes—through sensors, ranger observations, and field data to effectively manage these conservation areas.
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Human Wildlife Conflict
Human Wildlife Conflict
Proactive mitigation through timely, automated alerting and seamless recording of incidents enable managers to reduce conflict and help communities and human settlements coexist with wildlife.
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Key Features and Benefits

Enhances wildlife habitat protection
Ranger monitoring EarthRanger
Real-time visualization
Data from all sensors, mobile devices, and field reports are viewed collectively in real-time, showing a complete picture of all of the activity within a protected area.

Multiple team members, and teams from neighboring protected areas can collaborate and share data about tracked wildlife to activate joint patrol missions or responses to incidents.

Informs patrol planning and increases effectiveness
EarthRanger offers real-time and historical data of wildlife incidents and threats to guide patrol planning and track the progress of the team.

Analyzes habitat trends
More data leads to better analysis and key insights into meaningful trends, such as animal behavior, ecological changes, and more.
Real-time alerts and access to data
Ranger monitoring EarthRanger
Support for mobile devices
EarthRanger can be viewed on a big screen in an operations center, on a tablet or on a phone. Data can be collected from the field using mobile applications, Cybertracker and EarthRanger Track, which can function as real-time tracking devices for team members without radios or satellite trackers.

Configurable alerts
The system can be configured to determine when to receive notifications via WhatsApp, email or text message.

Facilitates quick response to developing situations
Custom-defined GLAD deforestation reports (from WRI) and FIRMS fire alerts (from NASA) about protected area visualizes the data in relationship to other remote data sources and incidents.

Integrated data depicts a holistic story
Integrations with 50+ hardware devices and numerous software providers such as SMART allow for a single view of all of your data. Additional outbound connections to platforms like Esri and Tableau enable further analysis and data sharing with key stakeholders or funding partners.
Limited training required
Heat source map
No IT staff needed for operation and management
EarthRanger is accessed through a web browser making internet and a computer the only requirement. The intuitive, highly-visual software simplifies and expedites training for rangers and managers.

Data is private and secure
Tracked information can be sensitive and the EarthRanger configurable security model enables the user to maintain complete control over collected data. Access to real-time or historic data is controllable at a very specific, granular level.

Dedicated support
A dedicated team is ready to assist with implementation and successful deployment of EarthRanger.
EarthRanger Supported Input Devices

EarthRanger also has a full set of APIs for programming your own inbound and/or outbound integrations. EarthRanger works with conservation organizations to add additional integrations when necessary, see below for the list of all the products integrated with our software.

If your mission relies on hardware not listed here, please contact
Large elephant
The whole operation was a great success, thanks to the ability of [EarthRanger] to coordinate the ranger movements in a simple and visual way. We couldn't have done this before.
Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya
Bears in Velebit Mountains
EarthRanger has given us a far greater understanding of our area. It has already helped us to coordinate rangers’ activities more effectively and improve our monitoring and reporting.
—Marija Krnjajić, team leader
Velebit Mountains, Croatia
North Luangwa National Park
Our top commanders now use [EarthRanger] and appreciate the holistic view of trackable assets. I am able to check the location of our units and their movement—anytime and anywhere.
North Luangwa National Park, Zambia
Large elephant
[EarthRanger] has significantly improved the capture and recording of key incidents and field data. This has vastly improved our spatial awareness of our assets… and has greatly enhanced the management and coordination of field operations.
Majete Wildlife Reserve, Malawi
Gonarezhou National Park
Since implementing [EarthRanger], day to day operations have seen a big shift. The park's daily 7:00am meetings to cover incidents in the last 24 hours are much more efficient.
Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe
Liwonde National Park
An incredibly effective tool… Easy to use, all in one system revolutionizing the way we manage the park.
—Director of Security
Liwonde National Park, Malawi