Conservation Technology Award

Seeking to provide two grants, each in the amount of $15,000 USD, to organizations that are deploying technology to advance their work in conservation. One grant will be given to an EarthRanger user and one to a non-EarthRanger user. EarthRanger is committed to helping protected areas and conservation organizations safeguard wildlife and their habitats by developing and deploying software.

Conservation Technology Award


  • Online applications must be fully completed by July 30, 2021 and include a point of contact on behalf of the organization.
  • All applicants must follow Vulcan Inc.'s Business Partner Code of Conduct, and will be vetted following federal and international grantmaking, which are included as disclaimer on the grant application.
  • Any organization, protected area and government entity working in conservation will be eligible to apply for this grant. Individuals can apply on behalf of their organization.
  • Vulcan is seeking to award two grants, one grant will be given to an EarthRanger user and one to a non-EarthRanger user. Applicants must self-identify as an EarthRanger user on the grant application.

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We appreciate the incredible conservation community interest in the Conservation Technology Awards. Applications are now closed. A member of our team will be in touch when there is an update for applicants.
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+Who is eligible to apply?
Any organization, protected area, or government entity working in conservation is eligible to apply for this grant. Individuals can apply on behalf of their organization.
+Does my organization need to use EarthRanger to be eligible to apply?
No. We encourage both EarthRanger users and conservation organizations not currently using Earthranger to apply for this grant. In fact, we will be awarding one of the two $15,000 USD grants specifically to a non-EarthRanger user to encourage further development and innovation in conservation technology.
+How does my organization apply?
Select “Apply Now,” which leads to the grant application. The application is comprised of 9 brief questions to collect basic information about your organization, 3 writing prompts to learn about your work in the conservation technology space, and a section to upload visual assets including images and an option to link to a video.

You cannot save partial submissions, so we recommend that applicants draft responses separately and copy over final answers to the web application. We will only accept fully complete applications for consideration.
+When you say applying technology for conservation use, what does that mean?
Any technology that encompasses software, hardware, networking, and/or mobile applications. For example, this could be a new collar to track wildlife or a data management system to monitor wildlife and ecological changes.
+Can you give a couple of examples of success metrics that would be helpful to include in the application?
We ask for quantitative metrics to help demonstrate the impact of your organization's use of technology for conservation. For example, this could be the number of animals saved and area of restored habitat, potential threats mitigated, or new data and learnings identified using technology.
+Who is reviewing these applications?
Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee comprised of Vulcan leaders and representatives from well-known conservation organizations, including Google, Microsoft, ConservationX, WildLabs, Grumeti Fund, Mara Elephant Project and WCS.
+Is the information I submit going to remain confidential?
We will not publicly share any information provided in your application without seeking your permission in advance.
+Why do you need to know financial information and employee numbers?
We ask these questions simply to understand the size and scope of your organization’s operations, which will be helpful context for the selection committee as they review your written responses. Final selection will not be based solely on operational size.
+When is the application deadline?
All applications are due by July 30, 2021.
+When will grantees be announced?
The two final grantees will be officially announced in November 2021. The Vulcan team will get in touch confidentially with applicants prior to the announcement.
+If selected as a grant recipient, when will I receive the grant funds?
The Vulcan team will work with the selected grantees through the point of contact provided in the application on agreements and payments once selected.
Lion Watches the Plains Monitoring EarthRanger Baby Gorilla

Selection Committee
Conservation X Labs
Cassie Hoffman
Global Development & Innovation Lead
Tanya Birch
Program Manager at Google Earth
Grumeti Fund
Alina Peter
Technology Conservationist
'Mara Elephant Project
Dr. Jake Wall
Director of Research and Conservation
Dan Morris
Principal Scientist
Microsoft AI for Earth
Jonathan Palmer
Executive Director
Conservation Technology
Stephanie O'Donnell
WILDLABS Community Manager

About EarthRanger

EarthRanger is a software solution that combines real-time data from ranger patrols, remote imaging and various remote sensors. The visualized data are analyzed by operational teams and scientists to identify or respond to potential wildlife threats, track and study animal movements, and understand ecological changes. Developed by Vulcan Inc. in partnership with conservation and technology partners, EarthRanger will become part of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) in the fall of 2021. This move will combine world-class research, engineering, product resources and talent to create greater positive impact, as envisioned by the late Paul G. Allen.