About Us

Begun in August 2015 as a partnership between the leading protected area management organizations and Vulcan, EarthRanger is a fit-for-purpose solution built to meet the operational management needs of ecosystems across the globe. Our vision is to empower Protected Area Managers across the world to promote wildlife conservation, support positive human-wildlife coexistence, and reverse the trend in wildlife poaching.  
We are backed by a sustainability model that delivers a lasting, well-supported, affordable solution in partnership with the protected area management community. The platform’s evolution is guided by the EarthRanger Advisory Council made up of protected area managers and partners.

Bridging the data gap in wildlife conservation

Wildlife Advocates and protected area managers are challenged to monitor vast expanses of land and protect assets with limited resources, increasing the possibility of poaching along with the risk of human wildlife conflict.

The challenge is even more significant when managers don’t have access to their data in a streamlined, consumable way. Without a current understanding of what is happening in their areas, managers don’t have a full picture of what they need to work to protect. As the saying goes, what can’t be measured can’t be improved.

Believing data to be critical to building and promoting programs that bring lasting positive impact, Vulcan has invested to fund programs and build solutions that help front line practitioners perform their work with enhanced information.

In 2014, Vulcan funded and coordinated the Great Elephant Census, the first pan-African survey of savanna elephants in over 30 years to help understand the current state of African savanna elephants. Completed in coordination with partners, the census showed 352,271 African savanna elephants in 18 countries—a 30% population decline in seven years.


Elephant population trends in GEC landscapes over the past ten years
The Great Elephant Census was designed to provide accurate and up-to-date data about the number and distribution of African elephants by using standardized aerial surveys of tens of hundreds of thousands of square miles.
The 2016 results from the Great Elephant Census found a 30% decline in savanna elephant population in seven years.
Responding to the elephant poaching crisis illuminated by the results of the Great Elephant Census (GEC), Vulcan’s team of technologists and conservation experts partnered with park managers, governments and NGOs across Africa to build EarthRanger. Now active in more than 20 protected sites across the world, Vulcan is proud to support EarthRanger as a key protected area management program within our broader wildlife conservation program.

About Vulcan

Vulcan Inc. pursues initiatives and projects that seek to change the trajectory of some of the world’s most difficult challenges. We work to improve our planet and support our communities through catalytic technology, philanthropy, scientific research, story-telling and commercial ventures. Founded by technologist and philanthropist Paul G. Allen, Vulcan continues to develop and grow the ideas about which he was passionate.

To learn more about our work, including our efforts to preserve and protect key species and promote conservation using technology, visit Vulcan.com.